Pulses can help the battle against climate change by improving agricultural resilience. With COP21 starting today, this blog looks at the links between COP21, the SDGs and pulses.

According to a recent review and meta-analysis of more than 2000 scientific papers, eating one serving of beans, peas, chickpeas or lentils on average per day can reduce ‘bad’ or LDL cholesterol by five percent thereby lowering your risk of heart disease.

Canadian and American celebrations for the International Year of Pulses got underway with a blast yesterday, as five celebrity chefs prepared appetizing pulse samples.

It’s Tuesday morning. You have a number pulse-industry experts arriving for lunch, ready to launch the International Year of Pulses. How would you prepare the ultimate pulse feast?

Today marks the main day of celebration of Diwali. Known as the Festival of Lights, Indians across the globe get together with those closest to them for the five day long event. Candles are burned to symbolize good over evil and food is at the heart of the enjoyment. So let’s talk food…

2016 has been declared ‘The International Year of Pulses’ by the United Nations and so, at last, I’m given the perfect excuse to really shout about one of my favourite things to eat.