Canadian and American celebrations for the International Year of Pulses got underway with a blast yesterday, as five celebrity chefs prepared appetizing pulse samples.

Some of the most appetizing bean, lentil, chickpea and pea dishes were on show at at Michelin star chef Brad Farmerie’s PUBLIC restaurant in New York, as guests were treated some of the best samples the Big Apple had to offer. At his restaurant, Farmerie generates inspirational recipe ideas based on experiences from his travels around the world – a fitting location for North America to mark their celebrations for the global International Year of Pulses.

Here is a glimpse of the innovative dishes the chefs prepared and a taster for those who are inspired to have a go at replicating some of these fine ideas. If you are new to pulses, take a look at our guide to achieving the best results when cooking your bean, lentil and chickpea dishes.

Alex Guarnaschelli, owner of award-winning NYC restaurants and a regular on the Food Network, prepared succulent Roast Chicken and Pinto Bean Salad. Pinto beans are most commonly found in Mexican cuisine, with the word ‘pinto’ meaning paint in Spanish, named after the brown splashes of colour which disappear when cooked.

Brad Farmerie served up a warm Red Lentil Pumpkin Pie at his taste station – a perfect dish for New Yorkers to tuck into as the colder nights draw in and winter approaches.

Known for his landmark Philadelphia restaurant ‘Zahav’, Michael Solomonov delivered a spectacular Hummus Tehina for guests to sample at his station. This traditional Israeli dish is made from fresh chickpeas and nutty tahini. You can have a go at making it yourself with this delicious recipe he posted on the New York Times website.

Seamus Mullen now owns several restaurants, both In New York City and in London. Drawing upon his Spanish culinary skills, which originate from his tapas restaurant El Comodo, he delivered the exquisite Lentejas Trufadas – a unique combination of truffled Pardina lentils and soft-cooked egg.

If you thought pulses were just for plain food for supporting meat dishes, think again. Owner of OddFellows Ice Cream Company, Sam Mason, catered for those with a sweet tooth by conjuring up a fabulous Sweet Succotash, an American dish consisting primarily of sweet corn and beans, accompanied with a delightful split pea ice cream with corn soil.

If any of these dishes have inspired you to have a go at cooking your own dishes, take a look at the Pulse Pantry which boasts a range of Canadian and American dishes to get you in the mood, catering for all levels of culinary experience.

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