Various groups of different types of pulses

To celebrate Global Pulse Day and help you cook with pulses, we’ve created a Visual Guide to Pulses to help you identify pulses by sight, and connect what they look like with some of the common names they go by around the world.

A pulse can go by many different names, depending on what part of the world you are in, so the name for a pulse you encounter in a recipe may not be the same name it goes by at your local store. Now, when you try a new recipe and see a pulse with an unfamiliar name, consult our Visual Guide to Pulses to easily identify what pulse you’ll need to buy to make the recipe successful and delicious.

Whatever name they go by, pulses are enjoyed every day on every continent, and we are excited to celebrate this global day making it a little easier for you to try a new way to prepare this great food. Join the global celebration by trying a new pulse in a new recipe today with the help of our Visual Guide to Pulses.

Visual Guide to Pulses