Sourcing, preparing and cooking after a busy day at work is never the easiest – neither is ensuring you have all the necessary ingredients to make a substantially healthy meal.

We think we have a solution.

Pulses are an affordable, easy way to add flavour, texture and colour. Beans, peas, chickpeas and lentils are increasingly being used as an ingredient in other foods, as people begin to recognise the versatile role they can play in everyday cooking.

Stewed, fried, baked or roasted, pulses offer two to three times as much protein as cereals like wheat, corn and rice, as well as being gluten-free. What’s not to like?

Below are 3 affordable, easy recipes which you can rustle up in no time after a hard day’s work.

Green Split Pea Salad with Rice and Cranberries - recipe

A light, healthy meal with only 6 key ingredients. This colourful dish is high in carbohydrates and fibre – making a balanced diet easier than you might have first thought.

Chana Masala - recipe

We are big fans of this nourishing Indian favourite from the Kitchn, which brings a bit of warmth and spice into the home after work, all in quick time.

Lentil Fritta Pitas with Red Cabbage Slaw - recipe

This fast dish from oozes flavour and can provide a refreshing variation into the same old routine weekly meals. In under half an hour, you could make 4 delicious lentil servings, all at a little cost.

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