Pulse Feast was celebrated at the Biggest Commodity Exchange in Myanmar (Bayintnaung) on January 22nd, 2016. The event was supported by both Government and private sector. Those in attendance from the government were from the Ministry of Commerce, Ministry of Agriculture, and Chamber of Commerce. Those from the private sector who attended were the Pulses and Beans Associations Committee, agronomists, well known traders, brokers and processors.

The event had many speakers who shared their knowledge of the pulse export process, food safety requirements, and the nutritional benefits of pulses. After the presentations, everyone enjoyed a pulse feast served with Myanmar's Signature Dish, Roasted lab lab bean.

The celebration worked to increase awareness that pulses and beans play a crucial role in the world, to exchange knowledge and the vision of different sectors, and to promote Myanmar as an origin of pulses and beans exports!

Myanmar is one of the biggest exporters of pulses and beans. Income from this contributes to 14.7% of National Agricultural Product Exports. Additionally, pulses and beans are growing widely to become the second largest crop of Myanmar farmers, an important income source of farmers.

Unpredictable weather changes is quickly becoming the biggest threat to farmers, growers, processors and traders. It is our hope to see greater participation from different countries and different sectors. This will create new ideas, generate invaluable opinions, and create solutions to some of the challenges we face. This in turn would show the world the key role pulses will play in global food security.

Beside the above, we want consumers to understand the problems of primary producers, farmers and hope this will encourage the responsible sourcing of products.

This article was written by Hla Hla Kyi, Export Sales & Shipping for Zawgyi Premier Co.,Ltd