Inclusion of pulses in a crop rotation can improve and diversify farming system.

Nitrogen-fixing properties of Pulses: Today we know almost everything about that exhausts and destroys soil. However, how much do we know about factors due to which planetary resources are restoring and filling with life-giving force? Many people will be surprised, but Pulses possess such evocative, ecologically enriching property.


  • improve fertility of soils 
  • help to contest with soil erosion, pests and plant diseases 
  • release from the necessity of the use of synthetic fertilizers. 
  • reduce carbon track and , by implication ,abbreviate the greenhouse gas emissions in an atmosphere 

Water saving: So, for example, for the production of 1 kilogram of shredded peas or lentil- 50 litres of water needed. For the production of 1 kg of chicken meat - 4325 litres of water, 1 kg of mutton - 5520 litres, and 1 kg of beef - 13000 litres of water needed.

Non-wasting production: Stubble remains of pulses is possible to use as a high protein feed for cattle.

You do not need to be a good economist, to calculate the prospective financial success of the cultivation and sale of legumes. An undeniable plus is absence of money risks.

Nevertheless, if you know how to earn money, take care of your well-being and the future development of your business and country - this industry is for you!

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