Pulses are praised for their health, environmental and economic benefits. How can their full potential be tapped?

In order to make the International Year of Pulses truly inclusive and to gather as much information as possible on the use of these remarkable plants, we would like to invite you to contribute your experience and knowledge, in particular around the following questions:

  • Some countries produce large amounts of pulses, but these are not a part of their respective diets. How can the use of pulses be increased in communities where these crops do not play an important role in the local cuisine/traditional meals?
  • Do you have any examples on how the consumption of pulses contributes to household food security and nutrition in your community or country, which may be useful in different contexts?
  • What are the main challenges that farmers in your country face with regard to the production of pulses? How should these be addressed?
  • Are you aware of any research or studies on the role of pulses in climate change adaptation or mitigation? Please share them with us.
  • The International Year of Pulses also includes a call for recipes to provide ideas and inspiration on how to consume these nutritious seeds. Would you like to share yours?

Your suggestions, case studies and references will be used to produce fact sheets and briefs to circulate at events and initiatives carried out at regional and country levels during the International Year of Pulses.

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