This article was written by a student in Indonesia who attended the Science Fair event put on by FAO Indonesia. 

When I first heard about the worldwide International Year of Pulses, it was through school- it had been announced through our homeroom class where our teachers told us about it. 

Before that, I didn’t even know there was such a thing. The first time I was informed about this event, to be most honest, I didn’t grow any interest in it, probably because I didn’t even really understand what it was all about. In the beginning, I didn’t get anything, I wasn’t sure about the whole idea of the event, why they hold it, its purpose and everything. 

Then came the day of our school’s science fair where people from the FAO came and held a session explaining us furthermore about this whole event and its backstory, it was all a short summary, but it definitely expanded my knowledge and answered all the confusions I had about this event. I then understood why this event is even held and the importance of it, its purpose and main goal. 

What I can say about my thoughts on this event, is actually quite a lot- how can I say this? I was quite heart warmed that there are good people out there actually doing this, putting so much effort and thought for a good cause; to end world hunger, end poverty, etc. I know those previously stated things are something really hard to achieve, in fact almost impossible, but knowing that there’s an organization out there and a bunch of people striving to do this, it amazes me, and I really think this event and its whole idea and effort deserves a big applause.

I also think this whole event that was held really raises my awareness as an individual, especially after I watched the video that the FAO played for us, raise awareness as in it made me so informed about what advantages pulses can do for us actually, I was very stunned that such small beans can do such a big thing for this world.  

I find it cool that pulses can help the economy and help ourselves- its all connected one way or another and a win-win solution, that we can change the world by doing very simple things, consuming pulses give such great advantage to our personal health and helps us in our daily lives, and as we do that- we are also helping our society, and I think that’s incredible. I know a lot of acts and organizations that bluff about ending world hunger and stuff along the line, but rarely do I find those who actually make their goals and promises real and put so much effort into it- which is why I’m very amused by what the FAO is doing, they are not only thinking about how it would benefit other people, but ourselves- people often don’t have much interest to contribute in these things because it doesn’t give them any benefits, but through this event I have learned what kind of personal advantage I can gain from contributing.

This whole event also gives me hope, that ongoing problems in this world could be put to a stop- or at least decrease, little by little- I’m sure change is still change. 

Overall, I’m just very amused by this event and I had a great experience- I’m also truly grateful I got the opportunity to know about this and that the FAO visited my school. 

I’d like to end this with a quote summarizing what I had to say before, Nelson Mandala once said “We can change the world and make it a better place. It is in your hands to make a difference”