The Agricultural Trade Office, US Embassy in Mexico, the USA Dry Pea and Lentil Council and the USA Dry Bean Council Representation offices celebrated this Thursday June 9th at the Hotel Presidente Intercontinental in Mexico City, 2016 as the International year of the Pulses (Legumes) established by the FAO at United Nations. The International year of the pulses celebrates and promotes the benefits and qualities that pulses offer to the planet and to the consumers around the globe. Pulses require fewer fertilizers to grow, they require a small water foot print and generate a smaller carbon footprint vs. other foods. They are great for crop rotation and are consumed by many cultures around the world, offering great health benefits with an excellent protein, fiber, mineral and vitamins.

With the intention to promote the message of how pulses are good for humans and the planet, a multimedia cocktail reception was offered to the trade in Mexico City where pulse Ors de Houvres were served to guests. The event had a total of 94 guest industry members, chefs, bloggers, printed media editors, cable TV, nutritionists, in market reps and government officials from Mexico and USA.

During the event, a number of Videos promoting the qualities of USA pulses were screened. Different MC’s conducted the event. Erich Kuss, Director of the Agricultural Trade Office, US Embassy Mexico commented about the benefit of legumes and the success on trade between Mexico and the USA, Raul Caballero, In Market Representative for the USA Dry Pea and Lentil Council and the USA Dry Bean Council commented on the campaign, the media kit and necessary resources for the Editorial media. Professor Pablo Martinez, from the FAO-UN Representation Office in Mexico, commented on the economic and nutritional benefits that pulse production brings to the less fortunate sector around the world. Renown Chef, Maria Guadalupe “Maricu” Ortiz, Director of the Culinary Arts Baking School “Maricu” commented on all of the training seminars she has been conducting for the Mexican trade during 2015 and 2016 in the use of pulse flours, and last but not least, Edith Oropeza, from the renowned TV Chef, Alfredo Oropeza, commented on the IYOP2106 campaign where dry bean, lentils, peas and chickpea recipe development and publishing in the Chef Alfredo Oropeza Magazine.

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