Recipes highlight pulses’ potential as a delicious, nutritious and flexible food ingredient as part of UN celebrations in 2016.

CHICAGO, USA – A global contingent of food innovators who use pulses as the main ingredient in their recipes is showcasing their products at the Institute of Food Technologists (IFT) Expo this week.

Each participant has travelled from all over the world in the hope of securing coveted investment and distribution deals, having secured their place by winning a series of national and virtual competitions.

The LovePulses Product Showcase included seven national competitions and a global virtual one. It was organised by the Global Pulse Confederation (GPC) in celebration of the United Nations having declared 2016 as the “International Year of Pulses.” Teams from Australia, Canada, Ethiopia, India, Japan, Morocco, Swaziland, Uganda, the United Kingdom and the United States developed innovative products using beans, peas, lentils and chickpeas in the forms of healthy energy bars, ice cream, snacks and crisps.

“Each recipe was judged on flavour, originality and delivery,” says Dr. Mahmoud Solh, Director General of the International Center for Agricultural Research in the Dry Areas (ICARDA) and Chair of the Judging Panel, “and the winners’ entries illustrate how diverse and exciting pulses can be in snacks, main dishes and even desserts, in addition to having nutritional and environmental benefits.”

Pulses are the edible seeds of plants in the legume family which include dry beans, dry peas, chickpeas and lentils. Pulses have been hailed as a new “superfood” since they are high in protein, dietary fiber and antioxidants yet low in fat and gluten-free.

At the IFT Expo, each winner will be given 10 minutes to “pitch” their food innovations to the thousands of other participants. These include:

  • Blooming Food Lupin Crisps by Charlotte Reynolds, a final year student at Harper Adams University (UK) – “My crisps are made from lupin beans, giving them a delicious flavor and appearance that I hope will appeal to retailers in the UK and elsewhere.”
  • Bean Jam by Phindile Jane Tsela from Swaziland – “I originally created my bean jam recipe to improve local people’s nutrition, but it also has a great taste.”
  • Southwestern Vegan Black Eyed Pea and Chickpea Enchilada by Kansas State University students from USA – “Our quick, microwaveable meal is packed with protein and rich in flavors stemming from Southwestern cuisine”
  • BiotaGelata Dairy Free Dessert by University of Alberta students from Canada “This delicious guilt-free dessert is high in probiotic and low in sugar and fat.”
  • Flax Millet Pulse Chips by the National Institute of Food Technology Entrepreneurship and Management from India - “Flax Millet Pulse (F.M.P) Chips are a nutritious substitute for the unhealthy fried chips, high in Omega 3 fatty acids, protein and iron.”
  • Eat Me Coconut Chickpea Cookie by students of the AIFST & RMIT University in Brisbane, Australia. “Free from dairy, eggs, nuts, soy and wheat, Eat Me cookies are suitable for people with allergies or intolerances to these foods and are suitable for vegans and vegetarians.”
  • Southwest Street Tacos by students from Southwest Minnesota State University, USA- "The quick, microwaveable meal is rich in flavors

whose origins stem from deep in the Rocky Mountain and Southwestern cuisine."

“Many of our #LovePulses winners are entrepreneurial young people who see business opportunities in the food sector,” says Huseyin Arslan, President of the Global Pulse Confederation. “Pulses are a fantastic ingredient to use as the basis for these food innovations as they are grown all over the world, inexpensive to buy, healthy and easily adapted into different dishes.”

Globally, pulse consumption has increased from 42 million tonnes in 1980 to 66 million tonnes in 2010; however, per capita consumption has remained largely stagnant. India is by far the largest producer and consumer of pulses, but Africa is showing the fastest rate of growth in pulse consumption, estimated at 50% by 2030 (based on 2010 levels).

Other winners unable to attend the event in person are promoting their foods remotely.  These include the Ethiopian national winner Mrs. Alem Greiling, who used chickpeas and peas to prepare cereals, pancakes and meatballs; Ms Harriet Aber who developed the Bean Amaranth Energy Bar in Uganda and won second place in the virtual competition; and the Moroccan national winner Mr. Mohamed Boujnah from his durum wheat couscous fortified with broad beans, lentils and chickpeas.

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About the Global Pulse Confederation
The Global Pulse Confederation (GPC) is the global not for profit trade organization for the global pulse industry value chain. As the sole international confederation for the industry, it enjoys membership from 18 national associations (federations) and over 600 private sector members in an industry worth over $100 Billion at the retail level and over 60 million tonnes of pulse production and distribution in over 55 countries. GPC is headquartered in Dubai  

UN Assembly Resolution on the 2016 International Year of the Pulses: 

About the #LovePulses Showcase Competition
The competitions were opened in October 2015 and allowed any individual or team with a food innovation using pulses to compete. These could include twists on traditional foods or new consumer packaged food products. The global panel of judges included representatives from the pulse and food industry, academia, culinary, health professionals and government.  Innovations were judged on three criteria: sensory (product appearance, flavor & texture); innovation (originality, potential use of pulses, health potential, marketing plan); and delivery (written report, promotional material, creative presentation). The LovePulses Product Showcase demonstrates the potential and versatility of pulse ingredients, as well as the benefits pulses can have on human health and the environment.

About the IFT Expo
This global event presents the latest trends, newest products, and the most recent innovations driving food science. More than 23,000 top food science and technology professionals from more than 90 countries, representing the most prominent organizations in the global food sector, will convene in Chicago in July 2016. 

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