The “Pulses Meals Exhibition and Lunch Organisation” held on 23rd January, 2016 by Mersin Commodity Exchange in cooperation with TASPAKON (Confederation of all chefs and pastry chefs ) for IYP-International Pulses Year 2016 drew great interest.

Participants of the organisation were, Mersin Governor Ozdemir Cakacak, Canada Ambassador John Holmes, Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Burhanettin Kocamaz, high-ranking and related bureaucrats, representatives of non-governmental organizations, movers and shakers of Pulses and employees of sector.

Both the best 20 chefs from all around Turkey (Istanbul, Ankara, Van, Erzurum, Elazıg, Kutahya, Adana, Antalya etc.) and 6 chefs from Mersin, prepared 120 pulses meals, hand in glove, and this was a first in the world.

There were traditional, regional, innovative meals in the Pulses Meals Exhibition. All the visitors showed great interest in the exhibition.

After the Exhibition part, all the participants and also visitors enjoyed a lunch consisting of pulses meals.

During the lunch the Chairman of Mersin Commodity Exchange, O.Abdullah Ozdemir, The Chairman of GPC- Global Pulse Confederation Huseyin Arslan, Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Burhanettin Kocamaz, Canada Ambassador John Holmes and Mersin Governor Ozdemir Cakacak addressed a speech .

The presenter of the organisation Wilco Van Herpen (journalist writing in Hurriyet Daily News, a producer and gourmet) expressed himself by saying “I’ve been with various organizations up to today, but I‘m so glad to be here now, this organisation is one of the best one’s I‘ve ever seen, it’s so interesting, cause it is about agriculture, it’s about business, it’s about flavor, it’s about aesthetic”

The Chairman of Mersin Commodity Exchang, O. Abdullah Ozdemir said that; all meals as part of The Pulses Meals Exhibition will share recipes on the website of Commodity Exchange and will prepare a recipe book consisting of the mentioned Pulses Meals.