The Pulses Conclave 2016 Presentations are now available for download from the IPGA website! Presentations include:

  • Origin Presentation - INDIA by Mr. G Chandrashekhar - Economic Advisor - IMC and Member - SEBI CDAC
  • Kabuli Chickpeas - The Indian Perspective by Mr. Rajat Sarda - Rajat Agro
  • Strategy for increasing pulses production by Dr. J S Sandhu, Deputy Director General (Crop Science) - ICAR
  • Improving Profitability for Farmers and Nutrition for Consumers by Dr. David Bergvinson - Director General - ICRISAT
  • Postharvest Management and Storage of Pulses in India by Dr. Chandra B Singh - OPIsystems Inc.
  • Origin Presentation - AUSTRALIA by Mr. Sanjiv Dubey, Graintrend Pty Ltd
  • Origin Presentation - CANADA by Mr. Jonathan Driedger - FarmLink Marketing Solutions
  • Origin Presentation - EAST AFRICA by Mr. Jayesh Patel, CEO - ETG
  • Origin Presentation - MYANMAR by Mr. Shyam Narsaria, Arvee International
  • Origin Presentation - USA by Mr. Peter Klaiber - USA Dry Pea & Lentil Council
  • International year of Pulses 2016 by Ms. Robynne Anderson, President - Emerging Ag
  • Agriculture and Food Security - Where research can make a difference by Dr. Kevin Tiessen - IDRC
  • Lentil Sector Overview by Mr. Gaetan Bourassa, COO - AGT Foods
  • Presentation on GAFTA by Ms. Jaine Chisholm Caunt - Director General
  • Warehousing and Collateral Funding by Ms. Prerna Desai - Edelweiss Agri Services & Credit
  • Where will the Rupee Go by Mr. Vikram Murarka

Download the Presentations here!