Chalo wants to put beans on the Belgian map. For this, the start-up seeks the help of Antwerp cooks who want to serve something other than a typical salad. During the Table of Tomorrow, the Chalo cooks will create refreshing dishes with beans, lentils and quinoa.

Commercial manager Gita Van den Boer: "If you order a steak in a restaurant, nine chances out of 10 you’ll end up with a salad, carrots, tomato and mayonnaise. You will almost always find French fries and potato croquettes on the menu. We want to inspire cooks to get started with alternative, healthy ingredients such as beans, lentils and quinoa. Or even less-known ingredients such as cañihua, part of the same family as quinoa, and amaranth. "

"Legumes are cheap and super healthy. They are full of iron and protein. However, they are still unknown and unloved in Belgium. Many people do not know it and think it's boring. A package of lentils or beans in the supermarket does not look inspiring. That's why we want to at the people at the Table of Tomorrow to be introduced to new and delicious recipes. Think of exciting combinations with superfoods. These are food products with a very high nutritional value, such as mulberries and chia seeds. "

"Our idea is to give a workshop for Antwerp cooks. We are already in discussions with chefs from famous Antwerp restaurants, but the names remain a secret. During the Table of Tomorrow we hope to get in touch with many more chefs and restaurant owners to hear from them on whether or not they have a workshop and where they need interest, what they want to change. Are you an entrepreneur, or do you know someone in the kitchen that could use some inspiration can use? Then come to our stand."

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Starting day for Tomorrow's Table:
Saturday, October 17th, 13 to 17:30
Den Bell, Francis Welles Plein 1
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