With COP21 underway, there is talk of more emphasis on plant-based eating to reduce carbon emissions and aide climate change. Eating Better has shared many articles, including this one, which helps explain the importance of increasing plant-based protein intake. Diets high in animal proteins and processed foods have damaging consequences on our health and the environment. 

WWF is working with companies to make their food more sustainable. With their partnership with Sodexo, they are creating plant-based meal options to reduce animal protein. Sodexo, one of the world’s biggest contract caterers, are in the process of piloting a range of ‘Green & Lean’ meals with eight of their independent schools sector clients in the UK. Though meat shouldn't be eliminated, an increase in plant-based proteins should be implemented. 

"Meat still plays an important role in many of the dishes, which are based on traditional favourites such as Beef Lasagne, Fishcakes and Chicken Curry –  but it is not always the star of the show. Instead, we have focused on substituting some of the meat with low-carbon, nutritious alternatives such as vegetables and pulses, as well as using wholegrains rather than refined grains, minimising levels of salt and sugar and sourcing certified meat and fish."

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