A “Pulse Information Wall” was set up at the Allerhande Christmas Festival in Utrecht, Netherlands, December 4 – 6 to celebrate the International year of Pulses 2016. The Christmas Festival is a food event, organised by Allerhande – the magazine of Albert Heijn, the biggest retailer in the Netherlands and partner of the Dutch IYP national committee. 

The event was the first of its kind in the Netherlands and attracted more than 35,000 consumers in 3 days. The festival includes many activities, in particular food tastings. 

The Dutch IYP national committee at the festival held pulse workshops given by two cooks, Herman den Blijker, a famous Dutch chef, and Luc Kuster, owner of Bolenius restaurant. The pulse information wall informed consumers of 3 delicious pulse recipes, as well as shared the many benefits of pulses. 

With large crowds, the information wall attracted new pulse friends! A great way to start the International Year of Pulses in the Netherlands.