The International Fund for Agricultural Development has created a series called Recipes for Change that features recipes from developing countries which bring to you a taste of someone else's life. It gives you the chance to cook the same meal as the Hong family in the Mekong Delta, or Olive Bibutsuwahoze and her family in eastern Rwanda. In addition to sharing delicious dishes from around the world, Recipes for Change also looks at the threats that these communities face through climatic changes that affect some of the vital ingredients used in their main meal of the day.

Small farmers in Rwanda rely on rain fall to grow their main food crops, including sorghum, bananas, beans, sweet potato and cassava, and in this episode of Recipes for Change, celebrity Kenyan chef Ali L’artiste travels there to see how climate change is affecting basic ingredients while he learns how to cook the local dish of bananas with beans and split green peas.

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