The race is on for cooking pulses in Australia now that Pulse Australia and the Grains & Legumes Nutrition Council (GLNC) have jointly launched the 2015 Australian Signature Pulse Dish Recipe Competition, open to all Australian adults, including amateur and professional cooks. The contest promises international exposure and many other attractive prizes such as: $1,000 cash and an all-expenses-paid trip to Melbourne for the award ceremony.

Australia is one of the biggest producers of pulses in the world, however domestic consumption is not high. Despite dietary recommendations, too few Australians know about the nutritional benefits of pulses and how versatile they are for cooking. This competition aims to change exactly that, to remind the population that pulses are not only fully loaded with fiber, minerals, vitamins and proteins, but that they are full of flavour. 

The contest, open between 13 April 2015 and 28 May 2015, is an invitation to take your favourite pulse whether it be beans, lentils, chickpeas or peas and create an original, unpublished recipe with pulses as its star ingredient. The winning recipe will be named Australia’s signature dish and will be professionally photographed and captured on video and showcased on the 2015 Australian Grains Industry Conference. The winning recipe will also represent Australia on the global stage along with other national signature dishes from around the world.

The expert judging panel for the 2015 Australian Signature Pulse Dish Recipe Competition includes renowned chef and International Year of Pulses Australian Advocate Simon Bryant, renowned chef of  le Petit Gateau Patisserie Pierrick Boyer, Food Director at magazine Michelle Southan, and’s Emma Stirling. “Each recipe will be judged on visual appeal, creativity, accessibility for home chefs, and of course, taste,” noted Simon.  “Prizes will go to winners of the professional chef, everyday food lovers, people’s choice, and healthy recipe categories.”

Fantastic prizes including Simon Bryant’s soon-to-be-released cookbook, will go to the finalists of the following categories: professional chef, everyday food lovers, people’s choice, and healthy* recipe.


If you are Australian and ready for this pulse challenge please visit for more information: