Mark Your Calendars!

Pan-African Legume Research Conference and World Cowpea Research Conference
28 February- 4 March, 2016
Livingstone, Zambia

The Feed-the-Future Innovation Lab for Collaborative Research on Grain Legumes (Legume Innovation Lab), the International Institute of Tropical Agriculture (IITA), and the Pan-African Bean Research Alliance (PABRA), in partnership with the Zambian Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock, the Zambian Agriculture Research Institute (ZARI), and the Center for Coordination of Agricultural Research for Development in Southern Africa (CCARDESA), are pleased to announce the upcoming joint Pan-African Grain Legume Research Conference and World Cowpea Research Conference to be held in Livingstone, Zambia from 28 February to 4 March 2016.

In celebration of 2016 as the International Year of Pulses (IYP 2016) as designated by the United Nations, multi-sector representatives from around the world – from scientists and researchers to farmers, academics, students, and business people – engaged in various facets of cowpea and grain legume production, processing, and consumption are invited to participate in this joint conference to bring attention to the importance of pulses/grain legumes in improved nutrition and food security, sustainability of cropping systems, and the enhanced livelihoods on the African continent, all within the context of climate change.

This conference will gather the best and brightest from across Africa engaged in research from diverse disciplines focused on edible grain legume crops (e.g., cowpea, chickpea, common bean, pigeon pea, soybean, etc.) to share research findings, discuss agriculture sector development challenges, consider solutions and opportunities, and network and collaborate in pulse/grain legume research for a better future.

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