As the world’s leading consumer of pulses, India will play a major role in 2016, and we are happy to announce that two major events for GPC’s International Year of Pulses in India have been confirmed. The first the Pulses Conclave, occurring from February 17th to 20th in Jaipur. This is a major gathering for the India Pulses and Grains Association. The last event featured 800 delegates from 24 countries, and we are excited to see more in 2016. For more information on it's success in previous years, visit the Pulse Conclave website

At the end of 2016, the Indian Government, in partnership with ICRISAT and ICARDA, is hosting the International Conference on Pulses for Nutritional Security and Agricultural Sustainability conference in New Delhi. The conference will run from November 12-14, and is an excellent opportunity to bring the world’s leading experts on pulses together after a year’s worth of pulse activities.

For more information on events going on throughout the International Year of Pulses, visit our events page and follow our Twitter account for updates!