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An & Wagashi

This is a traditional production method of AN (bean paste) & WAGASHI (Japanese traditional confectionery). 

National Wagashi Association
Japan Pulse Foundation
Japan Pea and Bean Importers Association

AZUKI AN (Azuki bean paste)
SHIRO AN (Otebo bean paste) 
KANOKO (sweetened beans)
NERIKIRI AN (kneaded bean paste) 



For 4 Person(s)

An & Wagashi

  • 100 g azuki beans
  • 130 g granulated sugar
  • 3 g starch syrup
  • 2300 cc soft water


Wash the azuki beans with water.

Boil 1000 cc of soft water.

Then, add 100 g of azuki beans. After boiled long enough, turn down the heat and you can see that the beans should have taken on a blister-like appearance (which is best).

After 10-15 minutes, the boiling water will change color to dark red. You can then add 300 cc of soft water.

Bring again to a boil, then pour off the water from the pan and wash the azuki with water in the pan.

Put 1000 cc of soft water and boil over medium heat. After boiled long enough, turn down the heat and you can see the blister-like appearance.

Do not overcook the beans. Turn off the heat after roughly 25-40 minutes.

Cool down for 10 minutes.

Pour off the upper layer of water from the pan.

Add 3-5 g starch syrup and 70 g of granulated sugar.

After 10 minutes, add remaining 60 g of granulated sugar.

Mix well then turn on the heat.

Simmer over low heat. (Gently stir it occasionally.)

Once you see the water begin to reduce, turn up the heat and mix with a wooden spatula to prevent scorching.

Skim off An with a wooden spatula if it drop off not easily by itself, turn off the heat.

Continue to stir to prevent burning.

Recipe notes


Use only granulated sugar and don’t use caster sugar so as to avoid it becoming too sweet.

You can choose to omit the starch syrup if you prefer.

Use only soft water as you can’t boil azuki beans with other types of water.