Become a Pulse Brand Member to use the Pulse Brand and `Made with Pulses' seal. Join a community and global network of pulse industry, food sector, research entities, governments, NGO's, NFPs, marketers and many other companies and organizations that are committed to increasing awareness and availability of pulses. The Pulse Brand Membership provides access to numerous services and programs. The Pulse Brand Membership is designed to support companies in meeting their pulse goals.

Who can become a Pulse Brand Member? Anyone!
Growers, food manufacturers, retailers, processors, ingredient companies, traders, exporters, research entities associations, governments and non-governmental organizations.

The 'Made with Pulses' seal can be featured on packaging, advertising and promotional materials for products that meet the inclusion criteria:

  • have an eligible pulse within the top 5 ingredients by weight, and
  • represent a minimum of 5% or more of the formulation by weight.

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