2016 has been declared the International Year of Pulses (beans, peas, chickpeas & lentils) by the United Nations.

The theme for UN’s World Food Day this year (celebrated on 16 October) is ‘Climate is Changing. Food and Agriculture must too’, highlighting the need to feed 9 billion people sustainably by the year 2050. To reach this goal, the United Nations is asking people around the world to diversify their diets and reduce their carbon footprint by incorporating beans, peas, chickpeas and lentils on World Food Day.

Here are a few reasons why you should raise awareness and eat pulses on World Food Day:

Infographic - How do we feed more people sustainably? Eat MORE Pulses!

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We’d love to see photos of people around the world eating pulses on World Food Day, so why don’t you share a photo of your favorite pulses or pulse-based meals on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram, using the hashtag #LovePulses.