Brazil celebrated the Pulse Day with a lot of passion. Ibrafe, Beans and Pulses Brazilian Institute, began a large campaign a few months earlier to inform people about the beans history, kinds of beans, the importance of eating this food, what the pulses are and more. This campaign happened basically on Facebook.

During January, Ibrafe did a series of organized posts on Facebook about the Pulses Day. The objective was to show to the people that there is a specific day to celebrate the pulses, especially beans, the most important food for almost all Brazilians. Ibrafe asked people to send pictures of their dishes with pulses and it received a lot of this pictures. People really like to show their lunches! Some people ate beans in a very famous fast food restaurant, with news coverage.

In the same time, Ibrafe made contact with its partners: restaurants, chefs, packagers, growers, journalists, etc. asking their participation in this campaign. They answered with more divulgation. Some restaurants and chefs made special pulses dishes in this day.

Link (Portuguese): Você sabia que até o McDonald’s vende feijão?

Photos From Brazilian Pulse Day

GPD 2017 - Brazilian Pulse Institute celebrates Global Pulse Day

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