By Kübra Kırbıyık
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The “Pulses Lunch Organisation” held on 18th January, 2017 by Mersin Commodity Exchange for the honour of "Global Pulse Day" drew a great interest. Approximately 360 guests participated in the event.

Before lunch, Pulses Importers leagued together with Ambassador of Canada Chris Cooter and made a common-mind meeting. Opinions and suggestions about import terms were expressed. After this special sectorial meeting, lunch organization programme started with "Pulses Public Service Ad Video" presentation.

Participants of the organisation was Ambassador of Canada Chris Cooter, Mersin Governor Özdemir Çakacak, high-ranking and related bureaucrats, representatives of non-governmental organizations, movers and shakers of Pulses and employees of sector, food science and engineering and agriculture academicians, local and national media members.

GPD 2017 - Mersi̇n Commodity Exchange Slideshow

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During the lunch some speeches and also presentations made about Pulses' economic value, production and consumption statement, positive effects on human health and sectorial developments in Turkey and in the world. Firstly, the Chairman of Mersin Commodity Exchange; Ö.Abdullah Özdemir, then the chairman of Executive Board of Mersin Commodity Exchange and also the President of GPC — Global Pulses Confederation, Hüseyin Arslan, the Ambassador of Canada Chris Cooter, then the Governor of Mersin Özdemir Çakacak gave successive speeches.

There were over 15 pulses recipes in the Pulses Lunch Menu; consisting of traditional, regional and innovative meals.


  • Broad Bean Salad
  • Fava (Mashed Broad Bean)
  • Hummus (Mashed Chickpea with Tahini)
  • Pilaki (Kidney Bean Cooked with Olive Oil and Serve Cold)
  • Red Lentil Kofte
  • Black-eyed Pea Salad
  • Green Lentil Salad
  • Mung Bean Piyaz
  • Bean Piyaz with Tahini and Quail Egg
  • Chickpea Crips
  • Home-made White Bean Soup with Soudjouk
  • Stuffed Baklava Phyllo Dough with Green Lentil and Curry Sauce
  • Chickpea Salad with Greek Yoghourt and Sweet Basil
  • Veal Roast on Kidney Bean Puree
  • Yörük Pudding (with All Pulses, Sugar and Milk)

The programme was broadcasted live and at the end of the programme all the guests mentioned their delightedness to be at lunch for "Global Pulse Day".