The International Year of Pulses was celebrated at a Food Fest at the Salsabeel Central School in Mundur Thrissur. The event focused on the importance of pulse items in the daily food of children. the slogan of food fest was "Love Pulses, Love vegetables". The students of classes four to twelve brought a variety of delicious food items, prepared at home with the help of their parents, to the school.

Pulses were included in almost all dishes. Traditional food like 'Naaadan Payaru Kari', 'Kappa-Chammanthy', 'Athissaya Pathiri', and other new generation dishes were all available in the different stalls.Chicken rolls prepared by two students on the spot, were sold as hot cakes.

There was an exhibition sale of vegetables, with a variety of pulse items brought by the students and teachers cultivated at their home. An awareness class on the cultivation and use of pulses was conducted. Seeds of beans were also distributed to all students.

This year, as part of IYP, beans will be cultivated in the school campus with the help of students and teachers. Principal C.A. Francis, Administrator M.C.Sasidharan, Vice Principal Stanley George Agri. The club co-ordinator Sreelatha, head boy Aneesh, and head girl Hadiya, gave leadership to the programme.