"Thejomaya" is an education initiative operating out of Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India.  It focuses its activity in early childhood education and believes in giving exposure to children through various activities. 



The curriculum and method of study is devised through different themes where children get their exposure to literacy and numeracy skills by adopting activities relevant to  themes. They also believe in overall development in a child can happen only with a tripartite understanding among Teacher, Parent and a student.

They are now celebrating the International Year of Pulses through the First term at the school. Apart from correlating various activities relating to the theme, they had conducted a cookery contest to all the parents to spread the awareness of usage of pulses in their daily food. There was an enthusiastic response from the parents with entries for 40 dishes made out of pulses among 30 participants. The dishes were displayed with the recipes for Judges to evaluate them. The expert judges were a Nutritionist  and a cooking enthusiast.

Points were graded for maximum usage of pulses in their dish, innovation in their usage, child friendly dishes and presentation