“Kids Country” event was held at the East of England Showground – July 1st 2016.  The Food & Farming Day themed around Pulses was attended by 5,200 school children.  This year the British Edible Pulse Association (BEPA) felt it the perfect opportunity to display and educate children about Pulses and their benefits for health, diet and the environment.

The International Year of Pulses stand included displays of growing pulses through their lifecycle, a pea video produced by Princes / Bachelors, plus samples of snacks for the kids and teachers to try of Calbee Pea Crisps, Mushy Peas and roasted Split Faba Beans. Stickers were given to visitors, which read “Have you BEAN for a PEA?”

BEPA’s opinion of the event was one of overwhelming success. The opportunity to meet, talk to and allow the children to both feel and try some of the world’s pulses was a great opportunity and experience for them.