Mission ImPULSEible
The University of Alberta’s Nicolle Mah, Chandre Van de Merwe and Austen Neil came second in a national, cross-Canada competition sponsored by Mission ImPULSEible in February.
The Global Pulse Confederation (GPC) and its partners are hosting the LovePulses Product Showcase, a global competition to encourage the development of novel food products containing pulses.

Pulse Canada has been hosting its Mission ImPULSEible competition for several years and included it in the Product Showcase this year as part of their IYP activities. The Canadian competition that took place at the CIFST conference in February in Vancouver was a great platform to showcase many innovative products with pulses as core ingredient. The winner was a team of two students from the University of Guelph in Ontario. They developed a product called “Fiberger”, a high-fiber meat extender containing red lentils, green peas and chickpeas.

Another team stood out at the competition: three students from the University of Alberta who arrived second. They impressed the judges so much that their product will also be showcased at the Institute of Food Technologist Annual Meeting and Food Expo in Chicago. They created a gelato made from fermented beans and called “BiotaGelata”. The fermentation process broke down the beany base and turned the concoction into something that tasted like yogurt. In addition to being rich with nutrients (including fibre, protein, high levels of iron, zinc and phosphorus) the gelato (called gelata because it has no milk in it) could prove popular with those seeking dairy-free foods.

The Chicago event is one of the biggest food expos in the world, with more than 20,000 people from the food industry in attendance. We can say that the innovation in the Pulse industry will be very well represented by Canada this year!