May 21, 2015 – DUBAI – As one of the world’s leading producers and exporter of pulses, Canada is getting ready to celebrate the 2016 International Year of Pulses (IYOP) with a broad range of initiatives that will increase the profile of beans, chickpeas, lentils and peas.

Pulse Canada, Saskatchewan Pulse Growers, the Canadian Special Crops Association, Alberta Pulse Growers, Ontario Bean Growers, and Manitoba Pulse and Soy Growers have pledged a joint contribution of US $1,097,600 to fund several activities, including a consumer promotion campaign to increase the demand for pulses in North America.

“Pulses are the future of food.” declared Allison Ammeter, Chair of the Canadian National Committee and pulse farmer in Alberta. “I grow them on my farm and eat them in my home. Pulses are a wonderful ingredient in all kinds of recipes. In Canada, there is an opportunity to increase pulse consumption and that is what our national work will do—get Canadians back to the foods that are so great for them.”

In December of 2013 the UN General Assembly declared 2016 as International Year of Pulses. The Global Pulse Confederation is organizing a wide range of events and projects that will highlight the role of pulses in improving global nutrition, food security, agricultural productivity, environmental sustainability and market access. Groups are working in 32 countries to develop special activities for IYOP.

Pulse Canada will manage several initiatives in Canada that will engage Canadian consumers, media, the foodservice industry, food ingredient companies, health professionals, food security organizations and schools. Activities include launching an IYOP Canada website and national media campaign, creating promotional videos and recipes, hosting events for experts in the food industry and health sector as well as developing school materials.  

Canada is a leader in global exports of pulse crops. Through IYOP, Canadian consumers will gain a greater awareness of the health, nutrition and sustainability benefits that pulses offer. “We are thrilled to see all the partners in Canada joining forces to make the most of this unique opportunity” said Hakan Bahceci, Chairman of GPC's IYOP Oversight Committee. “We hope to see similar IYOP celebrations in other parts of the world, sharing how important are pulses in their countries.”

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Paulina Ceballos, Global Pulse Confederation Secretariat for International Year of Pulses activities, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

About GPC

The Global Pulse Confederation is the not for profit organization for the entire global pulse industry value chain.  As the sole international confederation for the industry it enjoys membership from 18 national associations (federations) and over 600 private sector members in an industry worth over $100 Billion at the retail level and over 60 million tonnes in pulse production and distribution in over 55 countries.