Green Curry with Chickpeas

Course Entrees
Difficulty Easy
Pulse Type Chickpeas
Specialty Diet Gluten Free, Vegan, Vegetarian
Nutrition 1/2 cup serving, 300 calories or less, 500 calories or less, 7g+ fiber, 7g+ protein
Prep Time 5 minutes
Cook Time 15 minutes
Total Time 20 minutes
Servings 4 servings


  • 1 can coconut milk unsweetened
  • 2 - 3 cloves garlic minced
  • 2 tbsp Thai green curry paste
  • 1 tsp onion powder
  • 2 cups chickpeas cooked
  • 1 can chickpeas rinsed and drained (if you're not using cooked chickpeas)
  • 1 bell pepper red; cut in thin strips
  • 1 cup snow peas
  • 1 jalapeno pepper diced
  • salt sea; to taste
  • 1/4 cup green onions chopped (for garnish)


  1. In a large saucepan, add the coconut milk and turn on low heat.
  2. Add the garlic, curry paste, onion powder and stir until well mixed.
  3. Add the pepper, jalapeno, snow peas and chickpeas and cover.
  4. Cook about 8-11 minutes, stirring occasionally, until the peppers begin to soften. Once the peppers soften, remove from heat.
  5. Salt to taste, top with chopped green onion for garnish, and serve over rice. This should last at least 3-4 days in the fridge.