Saskcan Pulse Trading is proud to introduce the King Red™ Lentil, the biggest and boldest lentil in the world.

Available exclusively from Saskcan Pulse Trading as split and football, the King Red is the largest red lentil in the market today. With a size approximately 30% larger than traditional red split lentils, the sharply tapered edges on the King Red seed provide a clean split look ideal for quality-conscious markets. The King Red’s extra bold sizing and bright red colour after polishing provide potential for market premiums and make the King Red stand above all others as the true “king of red lentils”.

The King Red Lentil is a unique product in the global pulse industry, creating new opportunities in bold red split lentil markets around the world. Offered as Sortex split or football quality, the King Red Lentil is packaged in a premium-quality 25 kilogram laminated polypropylene bag. Premium quality shines through in all aspects of the King Red Lentil.

Product Details:

Brand Name: Saskcan
Country: Canada
Additional Criteria: Vegetarian
Webpage: http://agtfoods.com/about-alliance/lentils.html
Pulses: Red Lentils
Weight of Pulse Ingredients: 100%

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