The Pulse BrandThe Pulse Brand is a logo developed by the global pulse industry to represent pulses around the world. The objective of the Pulse Brand is to increase awareness about the pulse food category. The Pulse Brand is designed to identify those who grow pulses, trade pulses, sell pulses, use pulse ingredients or just plain love pulses.

In populations that are not as familiar with or consume fewer pulses, the Pulse Brand will introduce pulses. In areas of the world where pulses have been an integral part of diets for thousands of years the Pulse Brand will reinvigorate the passion for pulses.

Made with Pulses

The Pulse BrandThe “Made with Pulses” Brand is a logo for products that contain pulse ingredients. The gold and green stylized image and “Made with Pulses” title is easily visible for anyone interested in pulse products, without having to decipher the ingredient list.

The “Made with Pulses” Brand requires that products approved to carry the logo must:

  • have an eligible pulse within the top 5 ingredients by weight, and
  • represent a minimum of 5% or more of the formulation by weight.

Check back soon for the searchable Pulse Brand Database that will help you find pulse products you want, wherever you are.

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