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What is IYP?

International Year of Pulses 2016

The United Nations has declared that 2016 will be the International Year of Pulses.

The International Year of Pulses, or “IYP”, is an opportunity for pulses to take centre stage, and for people around the world to learn more about the importance of adding pulses to their diets.

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Love Pulses

The world has a rich history of cooking with pulses. They are a key ingredient in traditional cooking around the world and are used in soup, stew, falafel, hummus, curry, dal, tacos and more.

Pulses are a versatile food that can be eaten for breakfast, lunch or dinner. They can be a main dish, a side dish or a healthy ingredient in baked goods, snacks and even beverages.

Cooking with pulses is an easy, convenient way to add fibre, protein and nutrients to meals. Pulses can be found in most grocery stores, organic food stores and ethnic specialty food stores in both dry and canned form. It is easy for anyone in any country to find a meal they like that includes pulses.

Future of Food

Pulses are the food of the future. They are the future of better nutrition... the future of improved health... and the future of sustainable food.

Pulses are good for people – They are a low fat, high fibre source of protein that is full of vitamins and minerals.

Pulses are good for the planet – They have a low carbon footprint and enrich the soil.

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